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Hunter Sprinklers

While the spray heads are largely designed the same way, the key difference is in the rotators. The Hunter sprinkler PGP rotator sprinkler head is designed in an innovative way that allows it to prevent materials from getting into the rotor, so that the sprinkler head isn’t easily damaged.

When considering sprinklers, keep it mind that Hunter has a whole line or irrigation products. They are a quality brand because they have built their reputation on performance and durability, not just on price point. That is why they have been a leader in the irrigation industry for many years.

When looking at the different options, you’ll notice that they have both residential and commercial rotors. Also, there are different options available for spacing considerations. The range consists of rotors that can be spaced as closing as 15 feet apart, all the way up to 90 feet.

What are some of the uses for the different models they have? There are models designed specifically for the following applications: residential, commercial, institutional, athletic fields, areas where high vandalism occurs, low pressure areas, and there are also riser-mounted sprinklers available.

As we discussed earlier, this company has really made a name for themselves because of their rotators. These innovative rotators have been designed with maximum water efficiency in mind, and are considered essential in the turf and landscape industry.

The great thing about these rotators is that they can fit on top of both conventional spray head bodies as well as shrub adapters. You now can control the application rate, the arc and even adjust the radius of the water spray.

If you’ve had pressure issues with you current sprinkler, consider updating your older model with one of these newer models with a rotating head.