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Landscape Maintenance

First the shovel, it is necessary for turning the soil, digging holes for new plantings or any other garden job that involves creating large or small holes. Secondly are the rakes. Both shovels and rakes come in different sizes. A small rake is needed for maintaining neat flower beds by raking dead leaves from around delicate flowers and small bushes. A large rake will be needed for the huge job of clearing the multitude of leaves from the lawn that descend in the fall. Thirdly are trowels. Trowels are available with long or short handles. A hand trowel will have a short handle suitable for planting small flowers or vegetables plants. A larger trowel with a long handle is great for creating beds.

Landscape maintenance equipment used for pruning is also very necessary and should be readily available. Shears are great for shaping a hedge and keeping it looking neat and tidy. Pruners are needed during the time of the year that you want to severely trim back trees. This is especially important for fruit trees to bear a good crop of fruit in their next cycle.

A garden wagon or wheelbarrow is great for moving trees, bushes, sod, large landscape rocks or fertilizer from area to another. You can mix a small amount of cement in a wheelbarrow for those small repair jobs around the patio or yard. These are available in various sizes also. This tool has saved my back on more than one occasion.

Finally, the lawnmower, this is a basic piece of landscape maintenance equipment that every home has and is used for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Again, the lawnmower comes in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your lot. We own a ride-on lawnmower because we have over an acre of green area to maintain. Most lawnmowers come with different attachments that can be used to cut lawn, pick up leaves, and mulching jobs.